New Zealand’s first and ONLY AI dedicated Advisory 

Empowerment is crucial to AI adoption


NZ is ranked the best place to do business and holds a strong history for innovation – some impressive numbers! But not everything is adding up when you look at the rate of AI adoption.

Lagging dangerously behind, without fast acceleration, catching-up won’t be viable. Our unique and experienced based approaches help to demystify the complex mass of information and work alongside your people in creating focus and direction to find the path of least resistance and greatest reward. We strongly believe in creating a relationship with AI technologies that maintains your orgaisational fingerprint and supports your workforce to stay brilliantly human.

To spread positive, informative success stories; proving AI can be simplified, doesn’t have to break the bank and is not as daunting as it seems. Brave and importantly independent, willing to highlight when AI works and when it doesn’t! AI is a powerful toolbox – not paint to be slapped across everything.

Agnostic, pragmatic and fiercely passionate about removing the secrecy and mystery shrouding AI. Foundations built from practitioners of commercial R&D, design and implementation of custom AI means we share the techniques not taught by academia and know the realities you will face.

Last year’s launch interview and so much has changed already!


Advisory is part of WCC’s unprecedented public conversation in March 2019.


AI 101 (Basic to Advanced)

A workshop to demystify and explain what is AI, the terminology, buzz words and how it all connects together. Removes confusion and misconception and highlights the parts relevant to your organisation – understanding AI’s true value and potential. After the workshop we’ll send you an observation report.

AI Readiness Workshop

How ready is your organisation to adopt AI? Two day workshop designed to demystify, educate and explore ICT, business and cultural readiness, extracting information through analysis exercises so we can produce a detailed readiness and recommendation report.

AI Feasibility Workshop

Demonstrating and proving AI is feasible for your organisation and identifying opportunities like a specific problem or improved customer service requirement to try out AI. Understand the importance of choosing the right PoC, spark and explore feasible ideas and so we can produce a recommended PoC report.

Data Health Check

Do you know what your data is capable of? What is it’s condition, quantity and quality? One of the most important and informative processes an organisation can do is learn about it’s data and how it can be improved or enriched. We are experts in knowing what good data looks like, we’ll look under your bonnet and produce a recommendation report. No one else can offer such an important service.

AI Strategy Development

Strategy drives progress and as your AI adoption grows your AI strategy needs to grow too. If you don’t yet have an AI specific strategy or need to add AI and Data components to existing strategy we can guide based on our real AI experience, aiding the design of the best strategy for your individual organisational fingerprint.

Specialist AI Consultancy

Hourly to year-long engagements; if you don’t know what you need yet, the Advisory can help develop a consultancy road-map. Tailored consultancy from C-suite advice, increasing competitive advantage, risk assessment, data ethics or identifying new business opportunities with AI. Adaptable and creative problem solving skills combined with AI expertise to provide a unique perspective.

Born from necessity

Through co-founding and growing an AI company in NZ that creates bespoke AI and Machine Learning solutions across multiple industries, a country-wide issue quickly became apparent. Through those unique experiences (and some frustrations), it became clear that systemically NZ Inc. didn’t have enough general awareness of AI and the few further along the adoption curve weren’t getting experienced and balanced advice. A continued lack of AI commitment from Government and sector leadership worryingly dominates to delay progress; stripping competitive edge and leaking precious NZ talent.



It became crystal clear a new type of innovative consultancy services that moved away from traditional models and incorporated more creative and adaptive approaches were needed. Guidance and advice originating from the hearts and guts of AI with real understanding and passion for uncovering simpler routes. Our experiences were demonstrating daily we had a special mix of commercial and technical knowledge that still to this day is rare in NZ and especially important when providing impartial, genuine, qualified and transparent advice.


To constantly evolve and mature innovative Advisory services to tackle the problems stifling uptake and promote good in AI and AI for good. To push for central government ownership and representation of AI and Data ethics, values and reduce inequalities or divides that large, global organisations are taking advantage of through effective use of AI tech.
AI is clearly inevitable; it is the present and the future and we need to build a community to immediately serve NZ Inc. to make faster progress. Take the leap of faith with support and safety nets from local expertise and advice.


Workshops – Training Labs – Incubators – Accelerators – Skill Mapping – Strategy
Choose from our existing services and workshops or create your own by collaboratively designing exactly what works for your organisation in a ‘Customisation Session’. We are currently putting the finishing touches to a new set of services to suit the maturity and urgency beginning to break through. Active members of the AI Forum working groups and founders of City.AI Wellington making our NZ events the first in Australasia to connect into the global network for practitioners.

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