AI 101 (Basic to Advanced)

Workshop + Observation Report


A workshop to demystify and explain what is AI, the terminology, buzz words and how it all connects together. Removes confusion and misconception and highlights the parts relevant to your organisation – understanding AI’s true value and potential.

  • Half day, full day or lunchtime workshops.
  • Choose additional subjects to be covered i.e. Automation.
  • Get everyone to the same level of knowledge as a starting point.
  • Customisable in level and subject i.e. focus on Machine Learning
  • Provides simplified and realistic approach to AI.
  • Help to remove fear and misconceptions.
  • Customised to your relevant industry or sector.

After the workshop we’ll create and send you an ‘Observation Report’ detailing any key findings and observations made during the workshop and recommendations for your future.

Your AI Readiness Workshop

Workshops + Readiness Report


The state of readiness of an organisation to adopt new technologies is crucial and offers insight to its use, success and acceptance. Most of the time new technologies are introduced to create efficiencies, improve processes, reduce costs, increase service and generally benefit the internal and external customer. Unfortunately, many technology-based products and services never reach their full potential, and some are simply rejected mid-way through rollout. Failed investments in technology may not only cause financial loss, but also lead to dissatisfaction among employees and a loss of appetite for new technology adoption.

  • Two full-day workshops, split and scheduled to suit.
  • Educating, explorative, guided discussion.
  • Assessment of your readiness to adopt AI.
  • Assess Culture, Business and ICT.
  • Critical thinking and analysis exercises.

After the workshop we collate and analyse the results and information gathered during the workshops to produce a detailed ‘Readiness Report’ which surmises your current state and key recommendations for moving forward.

AI Feasibility Workshop

Workshop + Recommendation Report


When you are setting out to try AI for the first time, proving its value is critical for a successful implementation – the results will act a flagship that can strongly influence future perception and acceptance. Demonstrating and proving AI is feasible by identifying opportunities like a specific problem or improved customer service requirement to try out AI on is a great start.

  • Bring key contributors from various departments together to explain the importance of the right PoC/use-case.
  • Spark and explore current ideas and guide cross-departmental discussion.
  • Identify what ideas are feasible now or with some change.
  • Gather information through assessment exercises.
  • Decide as a group on a set of PoC ideas to be assessed.

After the work shop we’ll analyse the chosen ideas and produce a ‘Recommended PoC Report’ which demonstrates the feasibility of each and makes recommendations for implementation.

Data Health Check & Report


Provide a sample of your data and our experienced data scientist’s will analyse and assess it’s condition and potential.

Do you know what your data is capable of? What is it’s condition, quantity and quality? One of the most important and informative processes an organisation can do is learn about it’s data and how it can be improved or enriched. We are experts in knowing what good data looks like, we’ll look under your bonnet and produce a recommendation report. No one else can offer such an important service.

  • Identify the assets in your data.
  • Understand the restrictions and limitations.
  • Identify gaps in data collection.
  • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Map relationships between datasets.
  • Analyse how ‘messy’ the data is.
  • Discover what else the data you own and collect can provide.

Your data will be handled very securely and privately and destroyed once analysis is complete.

The ‘Data Audit Report’ will provide you with valuable assessment findings and recommendations to improve your data for AI adoption, greater insights and opportunities for growth

AI Strategy Audit & Development


Strategy drives progress and as your AI adoption grows your AI strategy needs to grow too. If you don’t yet have an AI specific strategy or need to add AI and Data components to existing strategy we can guide based on our real AI experience, aiding the design of the best strategy for your individual organisational fingerprint.

With growing concerns and regulation surrounding data, public or private and the ethical debate continuing, defining your stance through strategy is an essential process most organisations should be performing.

Specialist AI Consultancy


Offering consultancy from hourly to year-long advisor engagements; if you don’t know what you need yet, the Advisory can help develop a consultancy and training road-map. We want to help empower your business with education, training and guidance to start building your independence to steer and create your own AI path.

Examples of how our Consultants can help:

  • Private C-Suite AI advice or education.
  • Aid strategy design.
  • Increase competitive advantage.
  • Identify where you could expect better returns or efficiencies from AI.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Strategic communication guidance.
  • Identify new business opportunities AI can enable.
  • Assessment of vendor proposals or AI investment decisions.
  • Guidance on how to future proof ICT investments.
  • Advice on how to avoid vendor lock in.
  • Advice on how to become self-sufficient reducing reliance on third party providers.

AI doesn’t have to be complex and nor is our approach!

4 simple steps to get started….

We practice what we preach – AI doesn’t have to be complicated.

1.   Discovery – let’s talk about your needs and where we can help.

2.   We’ll create and send a tailored proposal detailing scope of work.

3.   Engage and we’ll customise and schedule the workshops or services.

4.   Delivery of bespoke, high-grade and invaluable service.