C-Suite AI Consultancy

Private On-demand C-Suite Consultancy


As a decision maker, how does one differentiate and analyse the highest value proposition of the rapidly expanding technologies and vendors when time-poor and under pressure? Our C-Suite Consultancy can help by surmising AI into relevant content-based discussion around your specific industry/sector and aid faster, extensive and realistic value appraisal.

The Advisory has been trusted with the knowledge that a lot of exec’s, leaders and senior managers haven’t had the time to gain enough information and learning around AI. Therefore we provide personalised, relevant advice/education services to address this challenge; whether one to one or the entire senior management team, we deliver session content that is relevant, personalised, strategic, quantity balanced and to the point.

The Advisory offers secure and discrete services that can incorporate your company or customer data for the purpose of relevant learning exercises and case studies. Such services can remain entirely anonymous as we understand the importance of market competitiveness.

AI Translation and Strategic Communication


If you plan to adopt AI on any scale within your organisation it is important to consider your strategic communication and messaging to control perception within your marketplace and company household. The perception around your intentions, data privacy, ownership and what will be of benefit is crucial to influence as early as possible. Transparency builds trust and the Advisory can help you adapt your Communication Strategy to include AI and Data considerations in preparation.

Through experience, we know how tricky conveying potentially controversial or provocative decisions can be; AI has had a lot of negative press surrounding job losses, changing of roles and replacing humans. Communicating the business/organisational/financial reasons behind AI adoption or change with positivity and reassurance through evidence and education can remove fear and negative reactions and build trust.  The Advisory can also translate complex AI topics into real-life examples and terminology suitable for organisation sector or departments.