Our Story

A little more about why we chose to create the Advisory…

The Advisory owners previously co founded and built a New Zealand AI company creating bespoke machine learning algorithms and models for customers or PoC’s across industries and sectors. Through those unique experiences (and some frustrations) it became clear that businesses weren’t getting the experienced and balanced advice needed to move forward in the first or even second steps and a lack of leadership commitment to embrace AI was understandably lacking in confidence.



It became crystal clear a new type of consultancy company was needed, one originating from the hearts and guts of AI and one with real understanding and passion. Our experiences were demonstrating daily we had that special mix of commercial and technical knowledge required to provide impartial, realistic, qualified and transparent advice and services that are in real demand.

We developed enormous empathy for decision makers and are incredibly enthusiastic about EMPOWERING and upskilling NZ Inc.

  • AI is not one size fits ALL.
  • Unbiased, agnostic and customised advice.
  • Practical local support.
  • Knowledge around what is possible and what isn’t!
  • Connecting companies to relevant AI.


To spread positive messages that AI adoption, strategy and implementation can be simplified and is worth looking into how it can benefit your organisation.

AI is inevitable, it is the present and the future and we need to help New Zealand enterprises make faster progress. The Advisory is available to help you take the leap with support and safety nets built from local expertise and advice built from being innovators and creators of AI ourselves, we’re prepared to tell you the truth about what is and isn’t possible.

Benefit and empower organisations in New Zealand to prosper and continue as innovators by improving understanding, increasing awareness and identifying the specific potential AI can offer.

  • Customer success is central
  • Boutique, flexible and adaptive
  • Collaboration is key
  • Support to make AI journeys easier
  • Focused on providing value
  • Clear recommendations


Workshops – Training – Education – Advice – Audits – Reports – Road-maps – Strategy

Our vast knowledge base and exclusive experience makes us confident we can make your AI future easier, simpler and effective. Providing a friendly, approachable consultancy right on your door step, delivering genuine and skilled guidance. Being an active member of the AI Forum and other initiatives helping NZ regulate and protect its Citizens you can be assured our heart is in the right place.

From experience we know what organisations need and our purpose-designed services are highly effective at making positive and valuable progress. Customised workshops and reports are tailored to meet your unique requirements, full of real facts, genuine experience, honest insight and feedback.

Our vast knowledge base and exclusive experience means we are confident about making your AI future easier, simpler and effective.